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Special Exhibit & Vendor Mall

June 23 - 26, 2021

Blue Gate Performing Arts Center

760 S Van Buren St.

Shipshewana, IN 46565

Sapphire Celebration Special Exhibit

Quilters have long used the color blue to symbolize trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven. Sapphire is also the gem used to celebrate 45th anniversaries. In celebration of the International Quilt Festival’s 45th anniversary in 2019, they asked quilters for their best creations utilizing the colors blue and white. This special exhibit features new and antique quilts that were made between the years 1974 and 2019.

Krista Moser Special Exhibit

Krista Moser Special Exhibit

Hi! I’m Krista Moser, the creative force and inspiration behind Krista Moser, The Quilted Life. I’m the designer of the 60 Degree Diamond Rulers for Creative Grids, and I’ve published more than two dozen patterns, using the rulers, with more in development. I love symmetry, clean lines with bold colors, and I think shapes that tessellate in all directions are a playground for design. A quilting and fiber arts enthusiast, I started sewing at 8 years old. I began my professional sewing and machine quilting career at the spunky age of fourteen and have been teaching sewing and quilting lessons for more than twenty years.

Alittle about my design process...
All these quilts started asan idea at some point… most of them took shape in my mind over months or yearsas I curated inspiration for their concepts. I snap pictures of thingseverywhere I go, things I think make an interesting design element or a goodcolor combo. I can’t help myself… both my father and brother are architects, soI think there was something in the water at our house. What you see here is acollage of pictures I have taken or collected over the years. Most of thesehave been developed into the quilts hanging in this exhibit. Can you tell whichpicture inspired each one? I am so happy to share a snippet of what I do, and Ihope it’ll inspire you to see design wherever you go!

2021 Vendors

Bound to be Quilting
Parker, CO
Nancy J's Fabrics
Wabash, IN
Hingeley Road Quilting
Floodwood, MN
The Cotton Corner
Shipshewana, IN
Mercantile on Main LLC
Coshocton, OH
Wood Valley Designs
Indianapolis, IN

Photography Rules

Special Exhibit photos are for your personal enjoyment and for sharing with family, friends and fellow guild members who could not attend. Photos are not to be used for any commercial purpose. They are not to be posted on any web site which permits images to be used on items that may be purchased. If you post your photos to your personal web site, you must include appropriate credit to each quilt artist and note that the photos were taken at the Shipshewana Quilt Festival. Photographing vendor booths is prohibited without vendor consent.

Please be responsible in your use of quilt photographs and help us protect the rights of the quilt makers and artists. Additionally, LaGrange County Indiana has a large Amish population. Please do not take pictures without permission. Thank you for your respect of their religious beliefs. Photography at the Festival is neither a right nor an entitlement; it is a privilege.